1. Maintain Tire Pressure

When it comes to car tire tips, the first one is to make sure the tires have enough pressure. The pressure requirements are mentioned when you buy the vehicle. You should have complete understanding of tire pressure. You can also get further help from the technicians in your area. 

2. Rotate Tires Regularly 

Here comes a very useful hack for the drivers regarding car tires. You should rotate the tires regularly. But when to do this? When it comes to the time, 10000 or 12000km distance is the ideal option after which you should rotate the tires. This rotation on regular basis will keep your tires in the best form. 

3. Get Wheel Alignment 

Wheel alignment is really important when it comes to protecting the tires and preventing road accidents. Road accidents, uneven road surface, railway crossings and potholes change the wheel alignment. This also affects the performance of the car as well as tires. So you should get the wheel alignment after every 25,000km. 

4. Inspect the Tires Regularly

Tire inspection is a very crucial thing that many drivers or car owners ignore. Experts believe the tires should be inspected every month. You should check if there are cracks in the tires. Over time, tires develop cracks which indicate they should be replaced with the new ones. 

5. Change Tires After 5-6 Years

Ford, Mercedes and other top automakers recommend their customers to change the tires after every 5-6 years because this is the maximum age of tires. Some tire makers claim tires can last for up to 10 years but that seems to be a big number in this regard. Safety comes first before everything else. So, search ‘find a tire shop near me’ and buy tires of the right size to be clear of any mishap.