The white things you see in the sky are not fluffy. It refers to services and software that run on your computer throughout the internet. There are many servers in data centers where they store that software. You need a dedicated desktop or a web browser, or a mobile app to access it. The services may include Microsoft Azure, Wasabi, or Amazon S3 to name some of them.

These servers come with the infrastructure to work like a service that helps to make your individual cloud. When you have your personal cloud storage, you can keep whatever you need from a simple word document to image files. That means you can use it as DICOM cloud storage as well. Now, let’s know some more things about Cloud storage.

How Much Cloud Storage a Person Needs?

It has not a specific answer as it depends on your needs and type of work you do. For example, 100GB storage space is enough for you if you like to use it to store your office documents, notes, and presentations. So, you have to focus on the services that you have large collaboration potentialities.

In this case, if you’re looking for your business solutions, you can go through Dropbox. But, if it’s not the one you’re looking for, go to the Google Drive as it’s the best alternative. Don’t forget one thing that when you need to store images, you have to use more storage space.

So, pCloud is a better fit for you if you’re in need of that sort of cloud and it comes with a 2TB cheap plan. It means that this storage is able to store up to 600,000 images with an average of 3MB. So, this service is perfect for professional photographers.

How Cloud Storage Works

Like other internet services, the cloud also has a client as well as a server. This is the case where a computer is a client that needs to subscribe to a cloud-based storage service. In this case, a server is a storing machine that stays in the data center. When a client or computer sends a copy or more copies throughout the internet, the data center saves it.

In the same way, when someone wants to access the file through the web using a desktop or some other compatible methods, the data center allows its permitted clients to access the specific file. And the total system of cloud storage depends on hundreds of data servers. As a result, they offer limited to unlimited data storage.


What Cloud Storage Is

With the assistance of data servers throughout the internet, it’s a model of cloud computing that stores and maintains data remotely. There are many cloud storage service providers like pCloud, OneDrive, and Dropbox.

According to what type of work you do, you have to choose what type of medical imaging storage solutions plan. But, most users like to use Google Cloud service for its ease of use and various features that help its users to get the most.