1. Demolition

Having an old trailer/mobile home has no use other than the maintenance charges that it will cost you every now and then. This is a common situation faced by a lot of mobile home owners at some point in their lives as they either move towards purchasing new trailers or simply want to discard them. But disposing of a mobile trailer is not a piece of cake. It requires careful consideration of options at hand and how to make use of them. The first option you have is demolition. Since as already stated it is easier said than done.

Demolition of mobile trailers requires permits. These permits can cost you about anything between $100 to $300 dollars. The cost of these permits depends on where you live. Factors such as the size of your trailer affects the price as well. It is obvious that bigger the mobile home, the more amount of time and labor it will take to dispose of. Even though the demolition process doesn’t take much of a time, but then again depending on whether your trailer is full of your belongings and things which are fragile, removing them first and then proceeding further will consume some time.

2. Deconstruction

Deconstruction permits are the same as demolition permits. In order to have your trailer deconstructed, you first have to obtain the permits which cost the same as demolition permits and then proceed further. You have to make sure that the contractor, which you have hired, is transparent with the prices he/she has laid down.

But when it comes to deconstruction costs, it can reach up to $8000. If incase your trailer is in good condition, you can also contact some charity organizations that will willingly deconstruct it for charity. Of course, it will be helping the community on one hand but it will also be considered as write-off tax. Time wise, deconstruction takes time. It comparatively takes more time to deconstruct a house/trailer as compared to the demolition.

3. Relocate

Relocation too requires permits. But before it is relocated, the condition of the trailer is investigated to make sure it is safe while it is being relocated. If you have finally decided to relocate, keep in mind the costs around $1000 to $3000. The costs include breaking down your trailer, carrying it and setting up at a new location, which will majorly depend on where you want to relocate it of course. Since the safety of the trailer is of prime concern, the relocation will take time, as the transport will have to be driven slowly and stopped at certain checkpoints.

4. Donation

Besides donating to charity organizations, you can also hand over your trailers to fire departments that will use them in their training drills and consider it as a write-off or giving them to an Austin shed removal service as they will remove it responsibly. You can reach out to the nearest fire department and ask them if they are interested. Since you are helping others, it doesn’t add any cost. At most, it will only take a day for the departments and organizations to come and take the trailer away.

5. Removal Service

You can use any Austin trailer removal service to help you get rid of your trailer. You just have to call an Austin trailer removal service, they will do the rest.