As PDF works a bit of a different way, it’s very important to know how it works under Windows 10. It’s true you can save files in PDF format from any application. And you’ll be able to read the PDF document while using Edge browser in Windows 10.

But, you have a chance to get more useful options to avail from it. These include merge multiple PDF files into one online and reading eBooks. You can also split pdf into multiple files for your convenience of use. Let’s know some of the selected features that involve with PDF format.

Printing PDF

You don’t need to look on the “File” menu to save your file in Windows 10 from any application. Alternatively, when you need to print any document, you just need to select the Microsoft Print to PDF. As a result, it’ll help you to print your PDF format’s files.

Depending on what application you’re using, it allows what the name will be of the file or where you have to save it. When you’ll print PDF files from the MS Office applications, including Word, it allows naming and saving it like other normal files.

Print to PDF

You have the option to select the name of your file with the location that depends on which app you’re using. However, if you print a file from Edge browser to PDF, there will be a file in the Documents folder with the web page’s name.

This is a useful way to save your travel eBooks and the details of the thing that you’re shopping online. And you’ll not get the option to choose the file name and the location of the folder.

Print Photo PDF

The things we talked above are the same for the photo app and it’s more annoying here. It’s because the name of the file you find; it possibly has generated automatically. Also, it’s not particularly helpful for describing to you what about the photos are. Although you’ll find the option to change the file name in Explorer, you should remember to do that when you need.

But, surprisingly, you’ll get the choice to decide both the folder and the file name that you like to keep in the file. It doesn’t matter; it’s a file that you have printed in Edge as a PDF file or it’s a file that you have opened from the internet. You’ll get the option while right-clicking on your page and select Save As to save it on Edge as PDF format.

PDF in Edge

Windows 10 comes with Edge as its default browser and you have to use it to open your PDF documents. So, you can read it in this browser when you’ll click on the link of a PDF document from Explorer. Or, a PDF document that comes to you as an email attachment.

Although it’s a handy and faster way, Edge likes to download PDF files. Also, it helps you clean out the documents that are not essential for you after checking them periodically. But, you’ll not find a way to use the annotation in your PDF files in Edge.