women's best ski pants
women's best ski pants

As an avid skier myself, I’ve tried all sorts of layering options over the years. And I’m here to report that yes, wearing sweatpants under your ski pants is perfectly acceptable and can even be preferable in very cold conditions.

The key is choosing the right type of sweatpants. You’ll want a pair that’s form-fitting and not overly bulky.

Baggy sweatpants can restrict movement, which you want to avoid when skiing.

The best options are sweatpants made from lightweight technical fabrics like polyester that will wick moisture and retain warmth without adding bulk.

Can you wear sweatpants under your women’s ski pants for extra warmth and comfort? Let’s take a look.

The Pros of Wearing Sweatpants Under Ski Pants

  • Provides extra warmth – Layering with sweatpants traps an insulating layer of air to keep your legs and bottom nice and toasty. This is a clutch when skiing in bitter cold temps.
  • Absorbs moisture – Sweatpants made with moisture-wicking technical fabrics absorb sweat so your base layers don’t get soaked.
  • Prevents chafing – The soft cotton or fleece interior of sweatpants prevents rubbing and chafing from your skinny ski pants.
  • Comfortable – Loose sweatpants allow more freedom of movement compared to form-fitting base layers alone. 
women's best ski pants
women’s best ski pants

The Cons of Wearing Sweatpants Under Ski Pants

  • Can get too hot – Too many layers can cause overheating, especially if you don’t have venting options. Get sweatpants with zippered legs you can open.
  • Extra bulk – Baggy sweatpants may fit weirdly into your ski boots and feel restricting. Opt for sweatpants that are form-fitting but not compression-tight.
  • Harder to take on/off – Adding more layers means it takes longer to get dressed and to take nature breaks. Just come prepared with good dressing and patience!

What About Wearing Sweatpants Over Ski Pants?

Wearing looser sweatpants over your ski pants can also work as an option for extra warmth.

I like to throw on some fleece pants in the lodge after skiing or at night to give my legs some relief.

However, sweatpants on the outside won’t be as protected from the elements. And baggy sweats could impede your movement and technique while skiing the slopes.

So sweatpants under ski pants are ideal for both comfort and performance.

Tips for Wearing Sweatpants Under Ski Pants

If you want to try wearing sweatpants under your ski pants this winter, keep these tips in mind:

  • Go for sweatpants in a fitted, not oversized, style for the best fit
  • Look for moisture-wicking technical fabrics like polyester
  • Try rolling your pant legs up if too long to avoid boot bulk
  • Bring an extra pair of sweatpants in case the first gets wet
  • Vent zips and leg snaps allow adjusting your temp
  • Keep your sweatpants layer closest to your skin to wick moisture
  • Don’t forget your knee-high ski socks under to prevent gaps!

The Bottom Line

Wearing sweatpants under women’s ski pants is a great way to stay warm and comfy while slaying slopes.

Just be strategic about the sweatpants’ fit and fabrics. With the right layering system dialed in, you’ll be shredding all winter long in total comfort!


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