Healthcare organizations strive to achieve patient satisfaction. It is probably their end goal. It is common that in the hustle and bustle of the job, mistakes are made from the staff which directly affects the patients’ satisfaction which they complain about. Here are a few of these common complains.

1. Not Getting Proper Sleep

Patients require rest and proper sleep in order to heal quickly. There have been complaints that patients are not getting enough sleep and feel sleep deprived when they are discharged from the hospital. Most of the time there are doctors who need to run tests in the middle of the night which causes the patient to wake up. Other problems such as the overall noise of a 24/7 hour hospital can’t be avoided but it can be reduced by soundproofing the patients’ room.

2. Difficulty in Getting an Appointment

Patient scheduling in a hospital is a very complex process where the patients are asking for the appointment to be scheduled on a specific time which may already be booked. It is an inconvenience not only for the patients but also for the staff as well.

The patients sometimes want themselves to be checked as soon as possible and sometimes they have to cancel their appointment because they were scheduled too far ahead. Online scheduling system helps reduce the strain on the staff by minimizing the phone calls and emails coming in. This software has the appointment scheduling process in a timely and sequential manner.

3. Not Having Proper Communication

Communication is the key for a good relationship and most of the times patients complain that their voices aren’t being heard. This can be a fault of nurses or doctors as they must constantly engage in conversation with the patient or its family and update them on the situations as well as address their difficulties. When this isn’t done, the patients get fed up as they don’t know what will be happening to them. Communicating with the patients is a way to reduce stress and anxiety as well as gaining the trust and goodwill of the patient.

4. Treated Rudely by the Staff

There will always be some disagreements in every organization. Staff can be pretty rude at times with patients who don’t deserve this behavior. The overall behavior of the staff should be positive and treatment of the patient must be careful. One rude treatment from staff can make the whole experience of a patient bad.

5. Having to Wait Despite the Appointment

It is very common that an appointment will take place ahead of its time due to some backs that may have been caused by previous patients. Patients usually complain waiting for hours despite having their appointment scheduled days earlier. There are not many ways to recover the backups that occur but a hospital can definitely provide some sort of entertainment for patients which can make their time pass fast.

Likewise, if patients are complaining about medical data access issues, you should talk with cloud based PACS vendors to have a proper medical data storage cloud.

You can get recommendation of reputable cloud PACS vendors from colleagues and experts or you can use the internet to find some good ones.

Conclusively, listening and constantly improving will minimize the patients complains in the future so don’t take these complaints as negative because they can be overcome easily.