If you have a strong password for your cloud system, you can keep the hackers away from your data and imaging. Developers and vendors of PACS system like to convince you by going the extra mile so you get agreed to use their service. But, don’t take their sayings in this issue and judge it yourself when you’re choosing a vendor. It’s because the ugly truth is that you may find your system gets hacked if you don’t take the necessary steps to protect your account. It’s not much difficult to protect your account to avoid possible breaching that takes a few minutes to do. To make your account/ business secure and protected, there are many things to do. So, we’re here with some tips to fortify your password that will help you making strong and keeping safe.

Avoid Sharing Your Password

In your workstation, every member should have their own personal username and password. When you provide the access someone to your system, you’re effectively giving them the global access to your entire entails. But, it’s not possible for you to assign answerability to anyone use if all users use the same account. It means that everybody is put out a microscope when HIPAA knocks your door to rob your saved health info. So, you never should share your personal password and username with anyone to keep your system untouched. Also, don’t forget one more thing that avoids recycling your password meaning don’t use the same password for all accounts like phone, email, bank account, and other.

Use Symbols, Numbers & Letters

You might know that saying a longer password is a secure password. But, chances are higher to breach your system if you just use the letters to create your password. This is because you have made a simple password that’s not enough strong and you’re in risk with your system this way. But, if you add symbols, numbers, and letters to create a single password, you’ll get the strongest password that’s tough and almost impossible to crack or breach.

Get A Password Manager/ Organizer

You’ll find many apps and programs are there from Microsoft and Mac that generate an automatically complex and strong password for you. As a result, if you don’t know how to make long and strong passwords, you can use one of the good password managing apps. But, no matter which one you use, but don’t forget to create the strongest password to use the assigned app or program.

Talk to Vendor For More Options

If you look for some additional safety for your medical image sharing system, you have to find out the vendor who provides the multi-factor authentication for one PACS radiology login process. This is the great option to ensure all the devices that you use to log in to your system gets manually or automatically logged off. So, before you get their services, it’s better to find out the vendor who already has this multiple verification systems.