If you’re looking for getting the enjoyment of bald eagles, lamingtons for apple pie, and your Akubra for a Stetson then the USA is one of the most constantly popular travel destinations for Australians people. But, it’s not constantly cheap when you like to take your phone with your individual SIM overseas. If you’re using data outside Australia, then you’ll find overseas roaming is expensive. However, you don’t need to switch to the new SIM cards while traveling abroad depending on your Telco and plan. That’s why you can take a ‘travel SIM’ or pick up a ‘local one’ on arrival whether you like to use your personal phone plan. Moreover, if you use their costliest plans then you’ll get the option of using Telstra international roaming rates that are almost the same for the other providers.

So, let’s know about some providers who come with the offers of overseas roaming service in the US.

Optus Overseas Roaming

You’ll find Optus offers roaming inclusions with its high-end postpaid plans. Otherwise, if you’re on a more economic postpaid deal then you can get an ‘Optus Travel Pack’ that will allow you to roam for $10 for every day. Both options relate to most well-liked travel destinations as it refers to as ‘Zone 1’ countries. In addition, you’ll get to collect data by shopping multiple packs right away from this travel pack. As a result, if you get 7 passes for $70 then you’ll get 7 days of limitless talk and text with 700MB to use over a week while roaming. But, you’ll have to go with pay-as-you-go (PAYG) roaming rates will kick in regardless of what cheap sim plans Australia you’re on if you go over your inclusion. That’s why ensure you’re monitoring your usage and get your data turned off when you don’t use it.

Telstra Overseas Roaming

When it comes to Telstra, it also comes with roaming perks to their clients on their expensive plans in the way same of Optus. But, you can choose a Day Pass for $10/ $5 for every day while traveling to the US if you’re another postpaid user. Regardless of just for this country, both of the plans are applicable to most of the traveling countries. But, unlike Optus’ Travel Pack, the Telstra Day Pass doesn’t let you stack your data allowance. As an alternative, it’s just 200MB for every single day. Besides, it’ll automatically include another 500MB for $10 with a 31-day expiry if you go into your every day 200MB of free data. But, you won’t consume into this grant until you’ve gone beyond your daily 200MB.

Bottom Line

Vodafone clients on any postpaid plan will get the option to use it in many famous travel destinations just for $5 roaming deal with their monthly talk, text and data allowance. You have to pay only $5 daily if you like to use your phone overseas for equal to 90 days for every calendar year. But, if you’ll be keeping your phone on “Flight Mode” then you won’t give a thing.