I have been doing my research on Ashley Madison and found out that according to Ashley Madison reviews, a lot of people are secretly visiting the website regardless of gender. Those who don’t know what Ashley Madison is, let me elaborate. Ashley Madison is a website for adults who are looking to have an extramarital affair. It’s Tinder for married people. Now, an extramarital relationship is a controversial topic, and I have a strong opinion about it personally. But I am also not judging people who use the site or are thinking of giving it a try.  If you are anxious about how things work on the site, following some tips can be useful.

1. Choose The Best Membership Plan

The initial signs up is free in Ashley Madison. But to reap the full benefits of the site, you need to pay a fee. The website offers three membership plans of $49/month, $79/month, and $249/month. $49 may tempt you as the option is cheaper than the other two. But Ashley Madison works based on a credit system. $49 plan can give a low credit, which might be over even before you meet anyone on the platform. So, it’s typically not ideal to choose the plan. Another benefit $249’s program has over the others is that you would get a refund and 1000 credits. If you are lucky enough, you might get the whole service for free. Yes, you heard it right! But the free access is only eligible for women who are seeking men. If you are a man seeking a woman or a man or if you are a woman seeking a woman, the free access doesn’t apply for you.

2. Post A Nice Picture

Not only with this app, in fact, every app you own asks for a picture to personalize your account. So, why should Ashley Madison be any different? Upload a photo when you sign-up the account. Not every user in the site does that, but it gives your profile identity and proof that you aren’t fake. Take a beautiful picture of yourself under a good light source with a sweet smile. Being tough and cocky wouldn’t always do. Avoid group photos or pet photos or old pictures of you.

3. Keep Some Credits for Messages

There is an option called “Collect Messages,” which lets you pay for the message in credits if you want to. Keep your credits filled for collecting the messages. Doing so will help you raise your X factor and can impress a woman. Look, it’s not a romantic dating site that people wouldn’t see your monetary value. If you can’t spend some bucks on an extramarital site, you might come across as a cheapskate to people, and that’s an immediate turn-off.

4. Pay Attention to Your Profile

It’s not rocket science, but your profile is a pretty significant factor when you are introducing yourself online. Some people are so less creative and don’t even give a moment to write a decent bio. This makes their profile unappealing to many people. You might come off as a monotonous person if you leave your bio untended. The greeting option is a useful tool as well, and it makes for a great conversation starter. But don’t just write, “Hey, how are you?” or something along the line. Make an exciting one-liner so that it gravitates people towards you. Talk about yourself, your lifestyle, your interests, etc. without coming off as narcissistic.

These are some useful tips to consider before you open an account on Ashley Madison. Also, your privacy is your priority, so make sure you keep a strong password. Delete any photos or messages if you fear of being caught by your spouse.