You may know that the Zoom 2 DJI Mavic will give a lot of advantages. Well, you will get the zoom function in it. Also, the camera will have a three-axis stabilizer option, making any shots look fantastic.

You will get plenty of options in it, and it will help you fulfill your requirement. Here you will know about it in detail. Therefore, before you look for drone mapping companies, let’s begin!

Obstacle Avoidance

Moreover, the Zoom 2 DJI Mavic will have avoidance sensors so that you can do the work quickly. You will get two cameras on both sides. Also, the camera quality will be great, and you can capture all types of shots.

Plus, you are getting a better sensor option, so there is nothing to worry about it. If you want to get the best aerial mapping services, then it will be a great addition for you.

Video + Photo Resolution

Do you want to get the best resolution of videos and photos? If yes, then Zoom 2 DJI Mavic will give you this option. You will find smart options, and videos and photos quality will be great. Moreover, you can get 48MP pictures.

You will get a close view as you can zoom in, and the quality is also good. If you are looking for something different and effective, then Zoom 2 DJI Mavic is the option.

Built Quality

However, Zoom 2 DJI Mavic is robust. It is the best thing you can ever have. If you try to destroy it, still, it will keep working for some time. Additionally, you will love the quality of Zoom 2 DJI Mavic once you use this. It is the best type of product you can get.

Flight Time

Additionally, the Zoom 2 DJI Mavic has a standard flight time. Even you can say the time is more than the standard time. Flight time is around 26 minutes, but the Zoom 2 DJI Mavic can keep working for 31 minutes. So, it is the best thing, and you will not fund such quality in any other product.


Do you know about the range of Zoom 2 DJI Mavic? It is around 8km. Also, you will get the HD signal in it, and it is a new addition. The quality of the Zoom 2 DJI Mavic is impressive.

Here you will get information about the top 3 drawbacks of Zoom 2 DJI Mavic.

Check it out.

Cameras Are Not Swappable

Furthermore, the camera of Zoom 2 DJI Mavic isn’t removable. Well, you cannot get one drone and any separate camera. The reason is you cannot remove the camera. So, you need to purchase two drones at the same time.

Color Depth

Moreover, the Zoom 2 DJI Mavic has an 8-bit option. But, you do not have the 10-bit option, and it is not a good side. If you need 10 bit, then you can go for the pro drone option.

Sensor Size

Additionally, the sensor size is not large enough. But still, you can record good quality videos and photos.