Do you wish to get new clients? Are you having trouble increasing sales? Offering a discount is a simple, yet effective approach to do this. Continue reading to find out what sorts of sales promotions marketers use and when they employ them.

Our daily lives have surrounded by sales and discounts. They may find on billboards, storefront windows, television, and social media. Have you ever pondered why this is so?

It’s because they are effective! So, before you look for dropshipping through Amazon, let’s know the types of dropshipping sales promotion.

Simple Discounts

The most basic sort of promotion is to lower your prices and display them on your category and product sites. It’s the same as affixing a ‘20% off’ sticker on the price tag.

This procedure is quite simple, yet it is very effective. It should note that the offer should be appealing enough to persuade buyers that it is worthwhile to purchase. A 3% discount isn’t going to cut it.

Limited Time Offer

This strategy is similar to the last one, only it emphasizes that the reductions are only available for a limited time. This style of advertising has focused on a sense of urgency. It drives individuals to make a choice as soon as possible so that they do not lose out on the chance.

However, if the time frame is really short (one or two days), make sure that the deal has appropriately advertised before it begins. Nobody will take advantage of the savings if they are not aware of them.

Free Shipping

Free delivery is a common sort of discount that has frequently employed by food delivery companies and online merchants. Amazon automation dropshipping from AliExpress merchants that offer free or low-cost delivery, on the other hand, has strongly advised.

Special Prices

This approach provides discounts. But it does so implicitly. Instead of just stating that you have reduced your pricing, you offer a ‘special price,’ which might have a greater psychological impact on clients.

However, the strategy is only effective when extremely cheap costs have offered for something of obvious worth. Simply put, if clients are unsure if the price is reasonable or not, the trick will fail.


Bundling refers to a variety of sales promotions based on the same premise. Clients can profit from purchasing more than one product. ‘Buy two at a discount,’ ‘buy one and get one free,’ all of this can work wonderfully.

Another handy tool for dropshipping business owners is the Product Bundle add-on. It enables you to easily build and manage 5 bundle kinds.

Contests & Giveaways

Running competitions and freebies is a great approach to engage your social media following and convert some of them into actual purchases. Create an intriguing competition and provide a reward – either a discount voucher or a gift.

Abandoned Cart Cut Rate

Buyers may add items to their shopping carts just to change their minds and exit the site. These carts are known as abandoned carts. You can repay these consumers by sending those emails stating that they have the things they wished to purchase.