The cost of cloud storage has never cheaper with recent wars of pricing between Google, Microsoft, and Amazon. The question is how long they’ll be reducing their pricings? Also, it’s a matter to know whether we’re closer to its bottom like when IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) continues.

From the biggest IaaS providers, the price drop continues and the latest price of the top 3 players is here. Google offers $0.026/GB/month while Amazon offers $0.03 to $0.0275/GB/month. When it comes to Microsoft, it offers you $0.05 to $0.045/GB/month.

Here is a note about the pricing that the said prices are not constant, they can vary depending on different things. These include regions, offers, and special discounts.

No matter which web based DICOM viewer you use, but the price of your image storage matters. That’s why let’s know a bit more about the latest pricings of different cloud providers to use as a part of the integration with HTML5 DICOM viewer.

Cost of Delivery

Its true cloud providers like to make a good profit. But, it’ll give you a bottom line to measure them to understand the delivery cost of their offered services. In this issue, a recent study has discussed how these providers are continuing their storage services. It’s the 4.0 generation running and how they offer $/GB pricings.

Because their services have moved to bigger drives, it has simplified some of the components, such as getting to a one power supply in an attempt to drop down costs. Despite that, the reduction of the pricing rate isn’t striking as it should be.

In some other aspects, while comparing to the kinds of engineering existing to Amazon, Google, or even Facebook, it could be a simple example. But, a big dissimilarity between storing up effectively and inactive archive data on a Blu-ray is out there.

And it needs to run virtual machines for the 4TB drive ranges with the performance. So, for example, for a moment, the cost of a provider reflected the storage delivery cost. In this case, they have to add the cost of the data center’s space along with the costs of power, management, and cooling.

The cost of acquisition is about 20 percent of TCO according to the experts. As a result, they can say storage pricing fore every GB could be plus minus $0.26.  When Google earns $0.93 on every GB with a price of $0.26, for example, they’re making a strong margin.

The View of an Architect

It’s true the price for every GB of storage seems tiny. But, the reality is that you should get a terabyte or petabyte range for your calculations. Such as, Amazon offers one TB for $50 per month basis. So, this might be a bit cheap while getting the storage of multiple TBs sounds expensive.

This is why; you’ll not be surprised while seeing the service providers are incorporating the pricings. Because of this, the storage cost requires to operate an effective machine into the pricing then pricing for auxiliary storage at a very lower rate due to hardware prices go on to drop.

So, you can assume that you’re not in the last pricing drop. That means there are more chances to drop the prices of cloud storage in the future.