If you’re working as a website development Melbourne freelancer, you always can’t stay on your task. Before the due day hits, you can get you’re posting on social platforms and watching videos on YouTube for five hours.

This usually happens with freelancers while they don’t have a really superior leading over their shoulders. Also, you can get real motivation very hard when you’re on your dream project.

Fortunately, you don’t need to accomplish it alone because you’ll get help from different apps out there. They’ll help you to smooth your workflow with consistency. Well, let’s know about some great web apps to be more productive like web development Sydney.

StayFocused & LeechBlock

The idea is almost the same while using StayFocused on Chrome or LeechBlock with Firefox. They’ll just suck away your time by blocking sites notoriously. So, it’s the right time to close those sites forcibly if you get yourself wasting your time for hours on visiting social media when you should be working.

Also, you can customize these extensions that help you to block these sites for specific times in a day. You can set time when you spend a certain amount of hours on them.


You can avail the largest boost to be more productive just being a bit more organized. While using Trello, you can make boards for every project by making personal cards in it.

It also allows you to add categories, checklists, and other tools to all cards. It especially has designed for working in teams. But, you can use it for keeping your projects in order.


Many people prefer to tick on their checklist and they feel very satisfying doing this. This app was designed for multiple devices and you’ll get the most basics if you’re one of them who likes to use a checklist.

It’ll help you many ways from making schedules and reminders to tags and priorities. Even you can work with a team where you’ll get the benefits of using a checklist.


Basecamp app could be the perfect solution if you’re having trouble with your team with concentration. Using the app, you can assign tasks to your team members. Also, it allows you to keep smooth communication with them, and simply organize your tools along with files in a single place.

These are the basics, but it has much more to get from. While using this app, you don’t need to share or communicate your files using email chains. It’ll save time and effort for you and your team members as well.

Focus Booster

Because Focus Booster uses the techniques of Pomodoro, it helps you to keep your focus on some specific task. It comes with mini-timer trackers, so you can work in some sessions with specific time breaks. The technique is suitable for you if you need to remain focused for many hours.

It has multi-platform availability, such as you can use it for your computer and mobile phone as well. Thus, you can keep your concentration on the projects you’re going with.