The use of term ‘responsive logo’ has been heard more and more in the business community, especially logo design agencies recommend business owners to invest in responsive logos. It is also important to have a responsive logo to use in the digital media platforms like responsive website design and so on. You can consult with a long island web design agency for better understanding.

But the question is:

What Exactly Is A Responsive Logo?

From pure technical perspective, a responsive logo is an epitome of scalability i.e. it possesses a variable size stack.

The Need of the Hour

In the past, people used to rely upon desktop computers. With everyone using a particular medium, people only focused upon the goodness of the logo.

With time, mobile mediums were invented and people started using the internet on laptops, tablets and mobile screens of variable length.

The ball was simply not in the static court anymore.

A need of a variable design was felt, which could be displayed to appropriate size at any device. Thus, the term ‘responsive’ logo was designed. The designing of responsive logos is a hotcake skill and logo design Toronto agencies are actively paying their contribution towards revolutionizing of digital business community.


To test a responsive logo website, grab the edge of your browser and apply horizontal scaling. You will start seeing simplified imagery, no matter the physical dimensions of your screen.

Responsiveness in Layman’s Terms

The above discussion was purely technical. From a layman’s term, a responsive logo is a design which attracts people.

From a business point of view, this is extremely important as a responsive logo acts as a frontend development towards your business. Many first-time customers are made due to mere likeness of a logo. If your logo is poorly designed with poorer design practices, you won’t be able to earn money.

Responsiveness = Effective Marketing

Most logos of today employ a use of conceptual marketing i.e. trying to link product with their logo. They further garnish the design scheme with a tagline which is easy to say or creates an image into the minds of customers, increasing customer market.

The corporate companies are creating a trend of lesser words and effective communication. This is because not everyone has enough time to read and examine the logo. It should have a realistic design, which connects with a customer on an emotional level.

KFC And Nike – Two Approaches Towards the Goal of a Responsive Logo Design

The logo of KFC has seen its ebb and flow throughout the years. The KFCs logo of 1952 and 1978 had large text and took a lot of space. This is not the case with 1997 and 2018.

KFC even removed the acronym ‘Kentucky Fried Chicken’ in the 90s to remove the word ‘fried’ from the logo, creating a healthier image of the company.

Reducing the textual and graphical space, logos have become responsive i.e. people pay more attention to less space with effective content.

Another example is that of Nike. No big words, no fancy objects – just a simple tick and people acknowledge the Nike brand. The responsive logo of Nike is universally recognized, even without speaking of the brand’s name.

Consult logo design agencies and also top web design company to get a better insight about responsive logo designing. Alternatively, you can discuss about this with a digital marketing professional to understand the significance of using responsive design in today’s digital platform based marketing world.