Many amazing apps are out there with great uses for your iPad. So, it’s not difficult to fill its storage space up with them. It especially happens when there is a shortage of storage like sixteen GB models or on-site medical imaging services.

Also, it may happen with any other devices that store data. Even you can use more space things in your device than you require. Keeping a large blockbuster game of one GB is a big issue to download onto your device.

Sometimes it might small things while having lots of gobble in the storage space like PACS vendor neutral archive. This is why you have to save space on your device like an iPad. That’s why we’re here with some tips that will help you to save your storage space on your iPad.

Delete Not in Use Apps

The lifetime membership is a great feature of the App Store while buying any app from it. It lets you download a similar device with installing on a new device as well.

Also, you have the preference to download and install any earlier purchased apps while using the same membership. If you buy an app, you can download it into different iOS devices.

These include iPad, iPod, and iPhone, but possibly more essentially you can remove any apps that you don’t use frequently. It’s because you can download that one or more once again. It’ll help you to save some extra storage space for some other stuff.

Switch Off My Photo Stream

When the issue of storage space happens, it doesn’t just because of apps. Keeping images and videos are some other reasons for making the issue. You’ll indeed find My Photo Stream very handy.

But, it takes lots of space if you want to use this option. It uploads all of the recent images that you take on the iPad/iPhone to iCloud. And then it allows you to download all of them on your iOS devices. Every image you shoot your iPhone that sent to the iPad automatically if you keep turning the Photo Stream on.

The features of My Photo Stream became redundant when Apple introduces the Photo Library of iCloud. This is a better preference in many aspects because it provides a faintly dissimilar way of photo synchronization between devices.

Keep Automatic Downloads Off

It might be a huge space-eater while keeping the Automatic Downloads could be a great timesaver. If you keep it on by default, it’ll download new stuff like music, apps, and others automatically.

It does on all similar iTunes membership to all compatible devices. It means that if you’re an iPad user, it’ll download the apps automatically even if you buy them on the iPhone. It sounds good if you have enough space for a lot of apps on your devices.

This feature may get impossible if you are not the just one who is using that membership. Among other ways of saving storage space, you can enable home sharing option for movies and music.