You need to be alert to these things that may happen with your car if you don’t pick your car keys up for a long time. You also may be in some issues that you don’t need to drive your car extensively. The biggest one would be the pandemic of COVID-19.

It has kept the brake on car driving for lots of people. You might have parked your car and taking note of guidelines that advised you to stay at home. Also, you’re working from home and no longer need to go office driving your car.

You’re ordering food and almost the whole thing online rather than going to the grocery. Thus, many neighborhoods have full of parked cars that look like lots of used cars. So, before you “find tires for my car,” let’s know what if you keep your car without driving for a long time.

The Battery Drops Its Charge

It can be surprising for you. But, your car indeed continues working even if you keep it switch off. According to an expert mechanic, “this is just like your cell phone or laptop. The battery of your car is running its computer inside the car constantly.”

Also, the expert recommends keeping the car on a trickle charger. It’s especially when you need to keep it for a long time in the garage. He says, “These chargers carry on providing energy to its battery even if your car is not in use.”

He also adds that you should not forget to take away your charging stuff. These include dash-cam, phone charger, and some other power-eating devices. And plug them into the port of the cigarette lighter.

Tires Lose Pressure and Get Flat

Do you ever get up with a single side of the hair flat as you sleep on it during the night? It’s also happening similarly with your car tires, “sleep.” They get flat marks if you don’t drive your car. The expert says, “The car’s weight always keeps pressure on the identical tires part to make a dent.”

When you’re in the seat of the driver, it’s somewhat you’ll certainly feel. Indeed, tires lose their pressure about one PSI to two PSI when they’re sitting for a long time. He says, “You can overcome the issue if you drive your car with a quick spin once in a week.”

Also, before you’re going to drive it once again, use a gauge of tire pressure to check its pressure. To get its air while having a handy compressor at home, you need not worry about getting it to the nearest gas station. If needed you can online “find tires near me”, in order to have a new tire in your location.

Ants Get In

When you drive your car, you may drop the French fries that have scattered under the seat. Also, there might be many more consumable things for little animals like ants. That’s why the experts recommend taking out all of the junk and garbage from your car.

These may include sugary snacks, soda cans, food, and anything you find there. It’s because they’ll draw the attention of ants, and they’ll get a better way to enter inside.