In the era of the digital trend, people simply want to live in their comfort zone. When these zones are great solutions for them, they don’t want to change those. For this reason, when we talk to our clients, they like to use their desktop for medical imaging and don’t want to change using Osirix or Horos. This is because of the matter that we’re talking about the comfort zones of the people. For example, there are more than 160 countries where has passionate users of Horos. It’s because it’s one of the ideal free open source DICOM viewers all over the country. But, no matter you believe or not, a desktop viewer can’t solve your all issues when you talk about medical data and image storage as the medical images are large in sizes than regular images.

So, let’s know about free open source DICOM viewers with the hybrid PACS imaging systems.

Open Source & Free DICOM Viewers

Users like to use the DICOM viewers like Horos for several reasons, including it’s not just free, its open source with essential functions. Also, it doesn’t come with strings attached and you can download it free of cost. As we proffer compensated support for the truly tough issues, we want to suggest Horos Academy to our users as a whole. Besides, it comes with exerting taught video training and it’s not real time so you have a chance to watch the videos whenever you want. But, it’s one of the great ideas for you if you like to use your desktop viewers to get the above-said advantages. It’s the way to almost get done your job, but the problem is that medical professionals want features like reporting, instant access, as well as even Cloud storage that don’t come with this app.


You’ll get your preferred DICOM viewer free goes down without that task If you’re a physician or a radiologist that wants to make reports. It’s true it can be burdensome for numerous causes; you must use an entirely different platform in this case. But, the problem is that the most painstaking is to the shortage of businesses as it needs a lot of clicks and it’s time-consuming as well. when it comes to Cloud-based PACS or an existing local, you need essentially integrate Horos app. And when it’s executed, you just need to click on the icon of reports if you want to build your report.



If you install local desktop viewing stations with Horos, it’s not able to get a big amount of learning for an extensive period. But, you’ll find Horos is an excellent viewing solution in this case. Indeed, the app is getting run this time to a fundraising promotion to follow FDA/CE and other documentation. For this app, the greatest thing is that Horos plans on lingering at no cost as a completely practical open source app even in the lead becoming specialized in this field.