When your physicians find or suspect a medical issue, they suggest you perform an MRI. You react immediately to one of anxiety and reluctance. Its true MRIs are useful diagnosis techniques. But, this is not something that you can get some fun from the process.

So, what are the possible options if there is no way to avoid it? The good thing about the MRI of these days is that it’s not as bad experience as you’re thinking about it. Like closed MRI, there are advantages and disadvantages of open MRI.

But, the number of advantages is much more than the disadvantages. This is why when patients are not comfortable with closed MRI, they’re good enough with open MRI.

Thus, you have to find out which one is perfect for you when it comes to an MRI. It might be a bit tough to decide, let’s help you with some tips.

What Is MRI – Open & Closed Methods

After the creation of MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) machines, they have made a great impact on their way of diagnosis. This method of test helps doctors to identify some specific diseases. Also, it allows them to study the inner organs of the human body.

The best thing about the MRI is that it can diagnose disease very accurately. MRIs are useful to diagnose many health issues with the means of imaging. The issues include dementia, cancer, issues of ENT, spinal, and musculoskeletal.

Likewise, it helps to find out some other tougher to diagnose diseases when they’re in very early stages. Among two different MRIs – open and closed- the last one is the most preferable in terms of the most correct MRI.

In this method, a patient needs to lie down on a tube structure in a narrow space to perform the test. But, while using this method of MRIs, many patients experience extreme claustrophobia.

When this is the issue for you as well, you can go through an open MRI. Well, let’s know a bit about these two methods.

What Is Closed MRI

It’s best to go with a closed MRI process when patients need to most accurate images of your inner parts of the body. As the traditional type of MRI machine with essential equipment, it has used in medical practices for many decades.

You’ll have to lie on a table that comes with a pad in this process. You have to get into a narrow and small tube where the machine will perform the essential tests. These are very functional medical tools because the machines generate incredibly in-depth images.

What Is Open MRI

Engineers have made open MRI machines like open MRI scanner when doctors found some issues and disadvantages of using the closed-MRI process. It’s a big-bone type of machine that’s a bit larger than the closed MRI machines.

It lets you an MRI in an open environment instead of a traditional or closed MRI capsule while performing an open MRI. Nothing will enclose you on your sides if you use this method.