In the U.S., providers get encouraged to use the latest systems to keep their patients’ records through a lot of financial inducements. So, if you ignore the requirements of the HITECH and focus on the needs of the physicians the system will look like some unspecific items. You know all technologies get out of date and it’s true for your PACS as well with the passage of time. In addition, the system of image managing of your patients should include making able the expected results of your doctor. Hopefully, you’ll probably not get the best results while using the free DICOM viewer. That’s why you should think to use the integration of PACS and EHR for the highest advantages to you and your patients as well. Well, let’s know some tips before you shop this.

Why You Should Use PACS EHR Integration

If you talk about to getting connected medical imaging systems, all EHR systems are not suitable to you or created equally. When you’re thinking to get an EHR system you have to think in advance if you want your patients’ records with their medical images. If you think it then you must make sure that you’ll get support from your vendor, in this case, to get new or changed your current systems. So, when you’ll do this before you make any shopping you can negotiate your vendor to comply with much more. Now, the question is that why you should use this integration of two things at a time. It’s because sometimes things happen like this that doctors get missed the integrated part of the whole patient’s reports.

But, it’s almost impossible to run two different systems to get the whole health report side by side. That’s why many PACS vendors like to make your connection with EHR meaning they make integration two systems for the best results. And these are the reasons that you should use these two systems at a time without doing it separately.

Things to know before shopping the system below:

Inquire About the Fees

The first one is to know about your possible system’s fees will be charged your vendor. Also, know the cost if you like to get enabled third-party apps to make a connection with your systems. You’ll have to be sure they have an API that should be exposed and documented. In addition to these, you’ll get assistance from your vendor by technical advice. Most importantly, you should get their writing verification about what they will charge for this service in the future.


Know If Their API Gets a URL Connection

You should ask them whether their API gets connected with a URL to the records of patients. You should get it later if you don’t know about it, but your vendor will understand what you’re talking about.

Ensure Your Vendor Support HL7

Another important thing to know before shopping the cloud based medical software system is that whether your vendor supports HL7 or not. As it’s very crucial, you should not hesitate to ask about it.