When the regular temperatures get higher to the highest that makes you sweat, you’ll find your home AC unit is one of the best godsends. So, you think “Thank goodness for your AC” as you can remain down to your temperature to 60. But, you may snap right out of it when you get the first high electric bill of the summer season. Also, this high amount of bill doesn’t just cut into your holiday funds and it’s pretty uneven on the background. It’s because your AC units consume 5% of your total electricity alone every year. If we say specifically it’s about two hundred billion kilowatt-hours per year. So, you consider the below tips to keep your home cool in the next time you need to pump up your AC units.

Use Ceiling Fans

It might sound obvious, but you’ll get a serious boost in your cooling department by using ceiling fans. Even you can reduce your room temperature by four degrees if you use ceiling fans for your rooms. This way, you can set your thermostat a little bit higher than can reduce your higher energy billings. Also, the fan can be a more efficient system to keep your home cool than AC as the wind-chill may effect on your skin. So, go through the way to use fans for your home to keep it cool with an inexpensive method. It’s a great way to save electric bills and can save your skin from some issues as well.

Prevent Air Leaks

Air sealing is thought as a winter improvement, but leakages can make escaped of cool air replacing by the hot one. If we say in an exact way, you’ll find your leaky windows are responsible to use 30% more energy for your home cooling purpose. So, you can fix the issue by using foam weather-stripping tape on the revolving parts of your windows. Now, simply get a searchlight to check out the AC unit connectors and ducts to ensure no air loss happening there. Also, find out the damaged, bent, twisted, or and unusual pieces to make them regular to prevent possible air leaks.

Keep Closing the Blinds

You might think it as a no-brainer, but it’s one of them that you have overlooked. It’s true you feel a little sunshine, but it’s enough to increase your home temperature up to 30%. For example, thermal blackout curtains, solar shades that are installed over your sunny window or solar window film can leave you sweating during summer highs. So, if you don’t afford to install specialized windows then consider closing your blinds, curtains, or shades on the hottest part of the day. This way, you can keep your home livable and comfortable, even when it’s more than three-digit hot outside of your home.

Bottom Line

So, if you consider the above-said tips to keep your home cool in the next time you need to pump up your AC units then you can save a lot of money for your energy bills. But, if you need to remove the AC units then you can call a Miami haul away service provider to make your job done. Also, you can hire the construction debris hauling Palm Beach County service to get rid of all kind of construction debris.