Weighted blankets have been touted as an effective method for reducing fatigue, anxiety, and insomnia. These dense blankets, though, are a costly buy.

Some of them cost at least $100 (usually more), which is an exorbitant sum for a product you’ll most likely purchase online without having a chance to check it out first.

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What Is the Best Weight for a Blanket?

Choosing the correct weight for you is the first move in selecting a weighted blanket. The rule of thumb is to choose one that is 10% of your body weight. You’d get a 15-pound blanket if you weighed 150 pounds. A 20-pound blanket is a decent match if you’re closer to 200 pounds, and so on.

Adult weighted blankets usually weigh 10, 15, 20, or 25 pounds; children’s blankets weigh less, starting at about 5 pounds. If you’re in between sizes — for example, if you’re 130 pounds — I suggest going up a size.

Should You Choose Glass Beads or Plastic Pellets in a Weighted Blanket?

When searching for a weighted blanket, you’ll find that most of them use either plastic poly pellets or glass beads. Glass beads are thinner than grains of sand and thicker than plastic balls. They take up less space in the blanket because they are smaller, resulting in a thinner finished blanket than those made with plastic pellets.

Since plastic pellets are larger, blankets made from them are a little bulkier. There is no clear winner between glass beads and plastic pellets. Plastic pellets are used by some blanket firms simply because they are less expensive.

Polyester fiberfill, equivalent to a comforter, is used in some weighted blankets to provide heat. Choose a blanket without fill if you want a colder, more breathable blanket.

How Large Should Your Blanket Be?

Weighted blankets should protect the whole body from head to toe, with plenty of room to spare. For the most part, this involves buying a twin-size throw.

It’s important to remember that your weighted blankets must not hang over the sides of your bed if you intend to sleep under them.

Don’t know what size to order? Try downsizing the mattress. Get a twin-size best weighted blanket whether you have a queen or full-size bed. You can get away with a full/queen blanket if you have a king mattress.

Is The Weighted Blanket’s Cover Removable?

Because of their weight, weighted blankets can be difficult to wash. You’ll need a commercial washer and dryer with blankets weighing more than 10 pounds.

If you’re concerned about stains or pet hair on your mattress, opt for one with a reversible cover. The majority of covers are made of cotton or a light Minky cloth.

Cotton is the most fantastic choice because it breathes well, but Minky is cozier and colder. Some firms provide a cover for their weighted blankets, while others sell them separately.