Taking a sufficient amount of rest is important for the professionals from all sectors to ensure their best output more efficiently and so does for the healthcare workers too. As a healthcare worker, you may be overdoing yourself quite regularly. These tips will help you rest better.

1. Get a Proper Sleep

Sleep affects your physical as well as mental health and healthcare professionals are at the highest risk of having a disturbed mental and physical health because of their off-time calls which they can get any time. In order to improve your mental wellbeing, you need to leave online DICOM viewer and get a proper 7-8 hours of sleep and for that, you need to deploy some of your daily habits so that you can get enough time to have a peaceful and much-needed sleep.

2. Drink Lots of Water

Every person should drink at least 8 glasses every day and if you are a worker somewhere means who are busier than those at home so, you are advised to drink at least 10 glasses of water per day as it is extremely vital for your body. Moreover, water has countless benefits and the most important benefit is that it helps in reducing mental stress and makes your body stay hydrated.

3. Do Some Desk Exercises

As a healthcare worker, it might be difficult for you to talk time out from tasks and tools like online DICOM viewer and hit the gym as you are all tangled up in your busy routine. Well, there are several desk exercises that you can easily do while sitting on your work desk and help your body to relax. You can replace your chair with an exercise ball for some time in order to prevent your back from getting damaged due to prolonged sitting. Moreover, you can also have a treadmill desk, a desk having a treadmill on which you can walk. These easy exercises would help you to stay active throughout the day.

4. Take Frequent and Short Breaks

Working all day without giving your body the time to overcome the stress would affect both your mental and physical health. Make sure you take frequent but short (5-10 minutes. break during your work so that your body doesn’t overload with the work. Doing so would help you to stay active all through the day.

5. Walk, Walk, Walk

Staying inactive for longer time periods is not good for your health. To stay fit, healthy and active you need to walk more than you spend time sitting idle. You can do this by going for a stroll in your break time, chat while walking or as mentioned above, get a treadmill desk. According to the studies, 20 minutes of walk every day affects your health positively and reduces the risk of heart diseases.

6. Keep Your Caffeine Intake Low

Most people believe this myth that caffeine helps you to stay awake and active. However, according to different studies, excessive intake of caffeine leads to fatigues, headache and increased stress levels. Taking only 2 cups of caffeine a day is however normal.

7. Give Your Neck Rest

Prolonged work shifts, like using online DICOM viewer which will ensure medical data security as well, can affect your neck and cause neck pains due to neck strain that progresses into higher stress levels. Which is why it being important to take frequent breaks from your work and give you neck some rest.