Got cheap NBN plans? Great. However, if your internet connection is not working well, here are some important tips to troubleshoot your broadband.

1. Reset Broadband Device

You have to start with resetting the broadband device to see if it works. Disconnect the device from all power sources and wait for a minute. Now connect it again to power and make sure all indicating lights are turned one. Now connect the computer to see if it is working or not.

2. Check Cable Connections

Sometimes, the internet doesn’t work due to cable issues. The cable might be unplugged or damaged. Disconnect from power sources and computer, examine the cables and make sure the ports are not dirty. If the cable is broken or damaged, change it and replace with a working cable to get a stable internet connection.

3. Use Diagnostic Option

In your computer, you can use the diagnostic or troubleshoot option to detect the possible issues. There can be a problem with the password, internet or any other. Your computer may not have required drivers to run the internet connection. This troubleshoot will find the issue and proceed by fixing them.

4. Reset the Web Browser

Sometimes, the web browsers have issues as well. The cache should be cleared, delete all the history and reset the browser to the defaults. Make changes in settings and see if anything changed in the browser is causing a problem.

5. Reinstall Network Adopter Software

We have already said the drivers might be missing. On every operating system, whether Mac or Windows, the computers come with drivers. But any time the driver might get damaged or deleted and this causes such problems. Check the drivers are present and working fine. Get further help from the device website.

6. Update Networking Drivers

If the issue is not fixed yet, take another computer of the same model and brand. Check the internet connection and see which drivers of the networking is missing. HP, Dell and other brands have all the drivers listed on their sites. Visit the relevant section and update your network drivers.

7. Contact Service Provider

Sometimes, it is better to contact your internet service provider for home phone and internet plans. There might be some issues on their end as networks are sometimes down. Tell them the issue and see what they say. If there is issue from your side, they should visit and repair the connection for any possible issues. Most cheap NBN plans offer this service.

8. Use System Restore

The operating system on your computer keeps a time when the internet was working. Just use Microsoft System Restore option to revert the network settings to a time when the connection was fine and working. Now, connect the computer again and check.

9. System Recovery Option

When you troubleshoot the networking on your computer, it gives next options. If the issue is not fixed, the system asks you to use the system recovery option. The system recovery option restores all the settings to default. You will not lose any of your data or information. We hope, this step will help you get a stable and working internet on your computer.

Cheap NBN plans are great and so are these tips if acted upon. Good luck!