It may be difficult to tell whether a tooth issue is an emergency since there are so many different types of dental problems. Waiting a day to visit a dentist may be the difference between preserving your teeth and having a tooth extraction in more severe instances.

Not sure how to tell which one is important and which may be postponed? If you see any of these five symptoms, it’s time to contact an emergency dentist near me.

#1. A broken tooth!

You do not need to contact an emergency dentist if you are not in pain. A shattered or knocked-out permanent tooth usually produces excruciating pain. If the tooth has been completely removed, soak it in water until you get emergency dental care. That this will improve the odds of saving and reinserting the tooth or teeth.

#2. You have inexplicable toothaches!

Toothaches that are unexplained, persistent, and severe may be a symptom of gum disease and infection. If the discomfort is mild, start with at-home remedies. However, if the pain persists or becomes more severe, it’s time to look for the “best rated dentist near me”. In the worst-case situation, you may end up with an abscessed tooth.

#3. Bleeding from the gums!

It’s common for gums to bleed a bit after flossing or if you’ve been diagnosed with gum disease. It’s critical to visit your dentist if the bleeding is severe, persistent, and accompanied by discomfort or swelling. This is because sudden bleeding may be an indication of periodontal disease.

#4. Swelling of the mouth or jaw!

A swollen jaw may be caused by a variety of factors. Infection enlarged lymph nodes, and, in very rare instances, malignancy is all possible causes. This is also a symptom of gum disease, as previously stated. Because you can’t tell what’s causing the swelling, arranging an emergency dental visit is advisable.

#5. The taste of pennies in the mouth!

A loose crown or filling may be detected by tasting the metal in your tongue. It’s critical to get emergency dental treatment since an unsealed filling may lead to infection and cavities. If a patient waits too long, the odds of requiring a root canal or an emergency tooth extraction rise dramatically.

What If I Don’t Get an Appointment with An Emergency Dentist?

In this situation, you must evaluate how critical your problem is. You have a few choices if you feel that waiting isn’t an option.

  • You may want to search for a walk-in dentist. Many of these dentists will see you without an appointment. You’ll be able to receive treatment quicker.
  • Consider going to the ER if the pain is unbearable, extends to other areas of your face and neck, or blood. The emergency room at your local hospital will almost always be able to assist you right away.

It is critical to seek emergency dental treatment if you have any teeth, gums, or mouth abnormalities. It’s crucial to catch any issues early on to maintain your dental health and general well-being.