Summer is coming up soon! What could be cooler than warm sunny days, ice-cold lemonades, and flower dresses? If you ask me, that sounds like heaven… Summer, however, might pose a few problems to our hair.

When in touch with chlorine, summer heat will destroy our locks, give us really oily scalps, and even color our hair green. Yes, that might actually happen! Still, don’t worry!

We are here to your rescue and want to share four fantastic and best summer hair tips!

#1 Reduce Heat

You don’t have to use more heat to style your hair, since there is ample heat outdoors as there is in the summer. This is the season to dismiss your hair appliances!

The first culprit is the hairdryer. Put it in the cabinet and dry your hair using a microfiber towel instead. This will help prevent frizz as much water as possible is drained. Next, when you complete the remainder of the morning routine, opt to air dry.

And leave the curling iron and straightener in the cabinet as well when you’re at it. To give your hair the summer care-free look, accept your natural texture or throw in a sea-salt mist.

#2 Protection from Sun, Sea, & Sand

Hair damage can come from all directions while you’re on holiday. Before taking a swim in the tub, begin by washing your hair under cool water. You can first reduce the amount of toxic chlorine it can absorb by cleaning it with fresh water.

Next, smother your hair with a hydrating mask that protects against saltwater and chlorinated water. Just because you’re not swimming doesn’t mean there’s no need to protect your hair. It can prevent UV damage by using an after-sun cream in your hair.

To defend against heat and sun, as well as harm from salt and chlorinated water, use a sun protection spray layered over hair. You can look for the best hair salons in Raleigh NC or in shop for getting these hair care products. You can also make online search for getting them.

#3 Wash Less

It’s enticing to wash your hair every day when the days get hotter and the temperatures get sweatier. However, you’re stripping your scalp and hair of much-needed natural oils by doing exactly that… and nobody wants that.

Use dry shampoo to prolong the time between washings. Sprinkling the powder and working it with your fingertips on your scalp will collect grease and give the texture of your hair at the same time.

If you have the sort of dirty hair that can’t go long without washing, though, turn over to a mild shampoo. It just sucks your scalp in and helps the soap to flow into the remainder of your hair. This would continue to minimize drying out.

#4 Drink Water

You are never going to hear enough of it: drink more water! Not only is it essential for your body and mind, but your hair still does need it!

Know that your hair and scalp will still get hydrated by sweat. Be sure to eat tasty nutritious foods that improve hair growth, in addition to consuming 2-3 liters of water a day.

So, have you tried any of these tips before? Let us know!