1. PDF Element

The best alternative a Mac user can go for is PDF element. Being a comprehensive software, it allows you to edit, select and delete texts and even add or replace images of your PDF files. To open the file, you will have to click on “Edit PDF” and choose the file you want. You can also go with the “Open File” option and upload the file. Now that you have opened the file and it is ready for editing. There are a couple of different features ranging from texts to tools. Depending on what you want to use, choose the feature, make changes and save the file by going into the file menu.


  1. Comes with OCR-Plugin, which is a leading plugin, allowing you to edit and scan through PDF files.
  2. It allows you to protect your files via password and permissions.
  3. This PDF editor delete pages other than editing.
  4. Supports the latest Mac OS.

2. PDFpen

A powerful software sharing the list is, PDFpen. It is a well-maintained and powerful Mac OS editor. The editing tools of PDFpen provide everything from manipulation of images to signatures that are digital. In addition to that, it also provides tools for merging, splitting and converting PDF files. PDFpen delete PDF pages online free too.


  1. Using the same leading OCR-Plugin, it not only allows the user to edit the scanned PDF files but also read them.
  2. It lets you create a PDF file from Word.
  3. It is also compatible with ICloud, unlike many other editing software.


  1. Doesn’t have the tools for labeling of pages.
  2. Takes a bit of time when it comes to opening large PDF files.

3. PDF Reader Pro

PDF Reader Pro has everything that you need for a document. It is an editing software that has all the tools for editing. PDF reader impresses its users by allowing them to maneuver through PDF files through features like bookmarking, form filling and annotation.


  1. Allows you to convert PDF files into MS Word, Text, PNG and JPG etc.
  2. Allows you to sync files with Dropbox
  3. Presentation mode helps with the presentation of pages


  1. Doesn’t possess the leading OCR-plugin technology
  2. No compatibility with iCloud drive

4. ProView PDF Editor

ProView editor is another one on the list, providing variety of tools for editing for Mac OS. It offers plenty of features such as arranging, merging and splitting documents along with editing and adding texts in PDF files. There are also tools available that allow you to scale, rotate and crop PDF files. ProView is multi-talented as it allows users to edit metadata along with other documents. Having being packed with protective features, it allows you to make your files secure and protected.


  1. Easy to use and user friendly
  2. Tool variety available


  1. Watermark option is not allowed on trial version
  2. Trial version does not allow usage of certain features

Summing up, all alternatives mentioned above are more than reasonable choices when it comes to choosing an alternate for Preview. You can also read user reviews online to determine which one would suit you better. Since these alternatives are not even close to being difficult to use. You may try downloading and installing them to see which one stands out for you.